Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaden and Savannah

Today we went to go celebrate Kaden and Savannah's (parkers little cousins) birthdays out in Diamond Bar. Kaden turned 3 and Savannah turned 4. The backyard had an awesome view.

Gabe and I just sat on the chairs checking out the view drinking and Ice cold Corona

Gabe and Ava

Than I held her for a little bit (I have a few layers of clothing on and it makes me look like I am 5 months pregnant..No more layering for me)

We sat Ava in the grass which she is not used to and she did not like it at all. She kept lifting her leg and hands off the grass. We have a funny video of it.

Our Niece Maddie and her best friend love to dress alike..I thought this was a cute picture of them

Parker and cousin Dylan pulling and pushing the Birthday cousins in the wagon

Ava had fun in the car

Balloons she can not get enough of them..I took a video and a ton of balloon pictures will have to post someday

Parker loves a jump house

The kids had fun playing Hot potato

Auntie Cindy took Ava to hit the pinata

Time for Cake

Ava and Daddy

Ava LOVED the Jump House

Ava's Cousin Maddie was taking good care of her in the bounce house

Looks like Gabe was the one that needed to be cared for he got Malled by the kids

Gabe with his two younger brothers Allen and Steven

Steven and Kaden with the gift we got for Kaden..he loved his beginners skateboard

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