Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bithday Drinks at UVA

Yesterday was Holly's Birthday and she and Chris spent the day at The Disney Parks. They went to Disney's California Adventure and got their Annual Passes and headed to Disneyland. Gabe and I and the kids met up with them in the park about 8pm. We all went on the Jungle Cruise (which is kinda creepy going on at night) Than they headed to the UVA bar where everyone was meeting at 9pm for Birthday Cocktails. Gabe and I stayed and watched the NEW firework show ( I liked the old one better) we both agreed that they must be cutting down costs cause the new show was not as spectacular as the old one and went by really fast.
After the firework show we headed to meet the others at the bar.

Holly and Erin

The other half of the table

Parker had fell asleep on a table behind me so and Ava was in her way out to so we had only stayed for maybe 30 minutes and left to take the kids home to bed.

Every time Toni holds Ava she puts her right to bed. She is like a baby Whisperer or something

Ally me Thelma and Toni

And 1 final group picture before we left.
Holly got a lot of cool gifts. Her husband bought her a Lennox Mary Poppins from Disneyland. She is a HUGE fan.


Ally said...

Awwww, I like the pic of me and Ava. She looks soo sleepy!

Thelma said...

I did'nt get to compliment your hairstyle Iris. I looks totally cute in an updo!