Monday, June 22, 2009

Remembering Quad

So a few years ago I worked on a musical called QUAD. It was a musical about THE WHO'S Rock Opera Quadrophenia which was also a movie. I was in charge of costuming the Actors and Actresses. It was loads of fun. We did a weekend at The GROVE in Orange county for our first performance which we had a good turn out of people that went to the show but not as much as we expected. Than a few months down the road we did a night at The Avalon in Hollywood which was Sold out and full of celebrities than about a half a year later we did a final showing at the some theater in Torrance which I got to meet some more celebs..some I meet I made pretty good friends with such as some top major stylist and photographers and even A Famous Fashion Designer and daughter of a MAJOR legend of an actor which whom I still chat with occasionally.
Anyways with the help of my husband and my friend Ally to back me up we pretty much dressed the whole cast in My old Mod clothes and Gabe's clothes too. Above is a Poster of The Hollywood show.

This picture is of Chrissy, Zoli and Brenda. Zoli played THE ACE FACE in the show. He has so much talent and lives not to far from me in Signal Hill. He is in a hardcore band called IGNITE. I hear they have a huge following. I hear they are GIGANTIC in some place in Europe.
This is Chrissy and Brenda getting ready for the go go dance sequence. I think they came out pretty nice. I still have both these dresses. Wish they fit me!!
The girls again backstage after the show
Gabe was brave enough to loan his 67 SX200 Lambretta scooter for the show. Crazy Bastard I said because in one sequence in the show it has to go through a fake crashing. Lucky nothing happened to it but one broken (non Stadium) mirror.
We heard that Roger Daltry from The Who was interested in seeing our production and so we did a private show for him at a very popular recording studio in Hollywood. This photo was taken after the show. Than I got one of me and Roger Daltry.
We had this video of some scenes for the first show we did at The Grove. I been out of touch for awhile but
I hear they have taken the concept to Europe where I believe it is now playing.

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Ally said...

I think about QUAD too from time to time. MAN, those were some great times...excellent memories I will have for the rest of my life.