Friday, June 5, 2009

Tattoos, Hot Rods and THE SONICS!

One thing I really been fascinated with is a really cool original tattoo. I don't have any tattoo's myself but have pondered many of times and debated if I should get one or not and if I did what would I get?
I have a thing for Cats..maybe I could think of something creative ..Anyway tomorrow we are going to the Ink and Iron show in Long Beach. I am a huge people watcher and I love looking at other people's tats and what a better way to enjoy the day than watching people get tattooed,checking out Hot rods and listening to awesome bands..WHICH I am very excited to see The SONICs that will be playing there. A great band from the 60's
It is going to be Great to see a bunch of my pal's and have a few drinks and enjoy the day. Sunday I will post all the pictures I take.

The Sonics!!!!

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