Friday, June 5, 2009

The Unveiling of RSV4

So I am going to double Blog today since I didn't have a chance to blog yesterday about what I was going to ( WHICH will be my second blog).

This first blog is in regards to what's new with me at work. Business has been busy as usual but one of the new exciting things have been the first unveiling of our 2010 Aprilia superbike RSV4 in the united states last week in Utah for the 2009 World Superbike Championship.

We had a large group waiting for the unveiling to begin. Our bike was even raced in the Championship and took 6th place in Race 1 and 4th place in Race 2...not too shabby.

Here are some pictures that Peter from my office took ..

Getting ready to Unveil the 2010 RSV4

This was a major photo op for a lot of people

A closer Look
Team Aprilia from L-R Peter, Kevin from Ovix,Steve,Nick,Mike,Girl unknown,Ron,James from Ovix (I believe),Rick and Brad..All employees excluding the two Ovix guys and the girl
I see great things for this bike in the future and I know are dealers are anxious to get them but they will still have some waiting to do since they are still not yet available in the US.

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