Monday, June 1, 2009

The Flea Market

Sunday Gabe and I got up early and headed over to do one of our favorite things to do together..treasure hunting at the monthly Long Beach Antique and Collectibles Market. I know I need more stuff like a teenager needs more zits but I could not resist!

I caught Gabe off guard in this photo..Ava was having fun checking out everything..there was so much to see

Parker had fun treasure hunting too..we like to give him a few dollars and he likes to look through the spots that have piles of hot wheels and than he picks some out and buys them with his money we gave him..

We came across these Jack in The Boxes..There is one in the way back that is a vintage Fisher price plastic one and you don't wind up the box you hit a little yellow button and a Jack Puppet let's out a long slow squeak as he comes out and it has a little voice lever you tap and his mouth and eyes move and squeaks come out of him( like he's talking)..Ava was cracking up laughing at it so much a she LOVED him (he is a little creepy looking) So I bought him for her.

I was looking at some bins of old jewelry and looked behind me and noticed Gabe vanished..Oh there he is looking at the old baseball stuff..He bought a old Brooklyn dodgers Jersey..I guess it is like worth lots of money he said and he got it for 10 bucks..I forget who it is though..Parker Was still having fun playing with the Jack in the Box

Gabe Loves looking for old plastic figures..JACKPOT here's a Whole Box of them!!

I was looking through some boxes and found some old scary Looking Pillow dolls..I was tempted to buy some of them for when I start decorating Ava's room (once we move) but they were a little too freaky..Well for her at least..I kinda like those scary dolls ..There was one HUGE box though full of Hello Kitty stuff like pillows, and dolls, and figurines and tons of stuff I am not a huge fan however there was this adorable Red patent leather vintage hello kitty little girls school book bag in there that I bought..FOR A BUCK!

Cute Poodle Skirt

I ended up finding myself a few goodies and so did Gabe. I got me some vintage shirts,a cute vintage purse, some jewelry, some cool 60's long neck cat wall hangings, and this awesome 60's Barbie..I seem to be on a total barbie kick right now ( that will be another blog at another time). It was an awesome time!
On the way home we had to stop and do some grocery shopping and Gabe made Chili dogs for dinner. We than just lounged around and watched two movies we rented. It was a nice evening.


John and Kirsten said...

I think going to flea markets is in our blood! I cant get enough of going to them myself!

Iris said...

Yeah I think so too..It's just so exciting!!