Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Magazine Tuesday

Everyday it's the same routine..work all day,come home, send the husband to work, feed the kids, bathe the kids, get the kids to bed..really the only thing that changes throughout the weeknights is what's on the telly. I have certain shows that I watch each day of the Week..except for Tuesday..Today. I had to think what will I do on Tuesdays once the kids are in bed (8pm) well Ava at least most of the time. Parker is usually entertaining himself with playing toys, video games, reading or making crafts til whenever we go to bed.

Anyway I had the perfect thought for Tuesday...Catching up with my MAGS. I have subscribed to SEVERAL Magazines in the past couple months and now they are just stacking up and not being read. I am subscribed to..Parents, Parenting,American Baby,Family Circle,Cosmo,Marie Clare,Family Fun, Creative Keepsakes, Scrapbooks and I'm sure I may be forgetting one or two. I must be out of my mind cause I still want to get Rolling Stone and a few other really obscure Children's magazines and fashion and home decorating mags.
Well since I have a HUGE stack of magazines..Tuesday will be dedicated for long hot showers, silk Pj's and some hot tea with the subtle soothing sound of my little water fountain that is above Gabe and Mine Headboard in our bedroom,while I catch up on some good reading..which is what I'm gonna do right.......NOW.

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Thats one thing I miss. I always would buy my celb mags and read em on my lunch break. Now The Mag's I get at home just pile up cause I never have time to read them...awww, fun.