Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cambria Turns one!

Saturday We went to Cambria's birthday party. It was a flower theme. There were tons of little babies there. I took a lot of pictures. I really wanted to take a photo of Ava and Cambria together but never had the opportunity to do it cause they seem to be pretty busy every time I would try and get a picture of the girls together. I tried to get one before we left but Cambria was fast asleep.
Ava loves flowers. She has always loved flowers and was playing with all the flowers on the table.
Me and my Baby

Parker had a lot of fun..It was actually hard to even get him to leave.

Cambrias first cake!

The nice garden of Flower cupcakes

It was pretty hot outside so I brought Ava inside out of the heat..she HAD to have a balloon.

She kept bouncing it up and down and laughing. After the balloon she was moving around playing with toys. A couple people at the party said she seemed pretty advanced for her age.

Cambria got a lot of clothes for gifts. She was much more into the tissue paper. I was talking to Amy's friend Bridget and told her they should just get a big cardboard box and fill it up with the tissue paper from the gifts and let her play in it..I bet she would be in heaven!

More presents

We had to run to make it home before my mother arrived to babysit the kids for us. Gabe took this photo of me walking to the car..With Balloons and cupcakes in hand.
I love the sky in this photo


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

awww, thanks for coming! I wish we would have taken a pic together. I wish I didn't have to run around to much. I wanted to get a pic with all the kid's but that didn't happen..Oh well. We will just have to do it at Ava's party!

Iris said...

Yeah I'm telling ya birthday parties are always so hectic it is hard to get to do all the things you plan to. Yes Ava's party save the date Aug 21st!