Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been awhile..

I has been a really busy week at work this week. We had the director of After sales from both our NY office and Italy in our office this week and been in multiple meetings through out the week. Then pretty much every night I have had someone over to visit. Starting Monday night my brother came by with the twins (that I rarely see) and so my mom and dad came over as well to visit with the babies. The kids had a tons of playing with toys.

Someone looks like they need a nap
Ava and Lexi

Here is a good shot with Grandpa sitting on the floor to watch all the kids play.
I gave a bowl of puffed rice and Cheerios for the kids to munch on..needless to say my floor consumed most of the cereal.

My mom used to babysit the twins alot and since she does not see them much anymore she brought over all the twins toys she kept at her house before they out grew them and AVA was having a blast with all these NEW toys but they didn't stay. My dad felt sorry for Ava cause she was a little disappointed all the new toys were gone so he came over the next day with a Brand new fun activity table for her that plays a bunch of songs and has a lot of lights. He also picked up for her 2 new Baby Einstein videos to add to her collection which is near complete.

Throughout the rest of the nights the following day Sean came over with a bottle of wine that we enjoyed and then we had some pizza and some laughs. Gabe's parents were over the following day and yesterday I went and took Holly her birthday present that finally came in the mail. It's been a Busy week. Tonight's the first night of relaxation and to get caught up on my blog.

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