Thursday, July 30, 2009

Off to Far away Places....

So I been looking up some travel packages looking for some short family vacation we can go on before the end of summer. We are planning a beach camping trip that Gabe has been looking up places to reserve but everything is looking booked up. Gabe and I also been talking about Hawaii going in February instead of our usual Vegas trip. Another place we want to go this fall is Paso Robles. I been seriously dying to go there for wine tasting. My favorite wines are Cabernet's and I find that every Cab I have from Paso Robles is so delicious!! I love to go to Solvang around Christmas time too. Anyway, Gabe and I were considering going to San Francisco this weekend for Kings Classic Scooter Rally. This will be our 10 year anniversary as a couple (not married). Can you believe it 10 years! I could not go though because my boss is on vacation so I am here looking over the fort.

With all this travel planning not to mention my trips I am going to have to do for work I been thinking about getting new luggage and thought I kinda like my paul frank luggage but what I really need to get is luggage for the kids. Look at this cute bag for AVA!! I love it but it is in Germany!! and very pricey..Damn it...I will hunt some more.

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