Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good times at The HENRY:S

I have no pictures from yesterday because my camera went missing so I am pretty bummed about this awesome time we had and no pictures to show for it.

Anyways we had tons of food and wine, music and swimming, good company and Lot's of laughs.

WE ended the night by making 4 teams of two's and played Seinfeld Scene it which I said Gabe and I were gonna win...and of course we did!! I have to play that game again soon.

Earlier in the day before going to John and Kirsten's, Parker had another successful day at Riding lessons. Gabe took pictures on his cell I will post up soon. I hopefully can get some copies of all the pictures Kirsten and Ally took as well.

Ok back to nursing my major hangover...NO MORE ALCOHOL for me ...well until next Friday for Ladies' Beauty night!~

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John and Kirsten said...

Of course you can have copies of all the know me I love burning CD's! We have to do the thumb drive thing to!