Friday, July 3, 2009

Make Over Time

Tonight Gabe and I are going to the Cafe Bleu Reunion. Cafe Bleu was the Brit Pop Mod club I used to go to religiously ever Thursday night back in my early early 20's. I knew everyone there and made some great friendships that still exists today. There was a lot of great people I knew from the club that moved or stopped coming around that are all coming out for the club tonight.

Last night Ally and Toni were over and we were drinking beers and than Gabe came home and Popped in an old 99 Mod Mayday video and other parties and rallies and I was like Damn I miss my old bob back then..Than I got to thinking why not get it back..well I made the hair appointment ..but first before my big night out reunion I went a little shopping.......

I went a little crazy at the M.A.C. Counter and bought almost 200.00 worth of Make Up
And then it was off for some hair are the side profiles because I had no make up on and I looked at my photos and they were too dreadful for me to post face out so you guys get the side view until I post up pictures from the reunion tomorrow on here!
I have to say...why did I not do this earlier I love it soooooo to lose 40 lbs and I will be set!!

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Ally said...

I like it!! I'll look forward to seeing the 'do with your face too ;)