Saturday, July 25, 2009

Showing Last Night...

Last night Gabe and I went to the Oc Fair Pacific Amphitheater to see X. I have seen them play many times and every time they are great! Exene the lead of the band has recently been diagnosed with MS so after this US Tour we don't know how her health will be for future shows so we definitely took advantage of seeing her last night. We had pretty great seats in the front on the third level right almost in the middle.

Gabe and I were hanign out in the front while the opening band played (THEY SUCKED) and drank some beer and wine.

Exene in full fury..she reminds me of Holly Moro so much. I texted Holly and told her she should lead a punk band.
This is how close good we could see the stage from where we were sitting..not too shabby huh
Would have been better if I did not forget my glasses!!!
Self shot of Gabe and I at the concert
Gabe's sister Cindy and her husband Steve were also at the concert. We met up with them for a little bit before x went on and met up with them afterwards.

After the concert was over Gabe's sister and hubby left and Gabe and I sat down and ate a fried artichoke sandwhich and just so happen to be sitting while this guy did this skit which I seen passed around for about a year over and over through web mail..I was so HAPPY to see this live..It brought a tear to my eye!!

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