Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tiki Cocktails for All...

Last Night was girls night on the town with my LA gal pals. We all went to Trader Vic's in LA.
The drinks were sweet and Tropical and Pretty Potent. I really Stumbled through my front door last night!. The cocktails started right off the bat. First drink I had was the Menehune Juice. It came with a little menehune guy that I got to take home with me.

Holly and I were starving and ordered some appetizers when we got there immediately. I had the Skewers that you cook over the open flame. It was SO good. Holly was really enjoying her food.

Maria took this picture of us cooking our skewers over the flame. The flames did not show up so well.

So Maria took the same picture again with the flash off..Much better. This is about how dim it really was in the bar.
After my Menehune juice it was time for a Potted Parrot and the Band also started. They were good. Like soft Jazz band playing some classic rock.
Ofcourse they had to come over to the table were all the loud girls were. Holly was having fun singing along.
He than played that Maria Santana Song for Maria. He also played Kool and The Gang "Ladies Night" for us gals. We were all imitating the Wedding Singer when Jon Lovitz was singing it. I was enjoying a CHI CHI at the time. It is almost like a dessert. All frothy and fruity served in an ice cold ceramic coconut.
Loryn and I ordered Later a Big Kahuna which was served in a Big Tiki Mug and it was on fire!! I think that one did it in for me but I had to have just one more Menehune but with a girl one. I think we all ended with menhune's and we made them all dance over the tiki candle that blazed about at our table.
So the night ends with some dancing at the tables, Laughter and fun and then it was time to head home. I crashed out as soon as I walked in my room almost completely fully dressed.

All I can say is I HAVE to go back to Trader Vic's. It is so much better than the Vegas one.

OK off now to cure my wicked hangover..MYHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iris said...

You have to it is sooooo fun!!