Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dance Dance Dance

I have been hooked on watching this seasons So you think you can dance. Once thing I have always had a passion for was DANCING! My dad put me in dance school when I was a little girl. I did Jazz and Ballet. I wish I could have much further with dance but money was tight for my family so I did not stay in it for long. Anyway I been researching dance classes for Ava and it looks like I can get her started right away once she is walking. In gymboree they do a lot of song and dance exercises that help develop the concept of dance which I adore...I am eager to get her going!!
As for Parker I am going to the Equestrian center to sign him for Horse Riding lessons. Parker's friend Alec upstairs is going to be taking lessons so me and his mom were trying to get it scheduled that the boys can take one lesson after the other. Which is great cause than I would have someone to take him to lessons while I am work. I am thinking however I may sign him up for Saturdays or Sundays cause I really want to watch him ride.

I can't wait to see both my kids taking up new hobbies!

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