Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

After horse riding lessons on Saturday we had made plans to go over to John and Kirsten's house for wine and Alaskan King Crab legs. Gabe and I provided the Vino and John and Kirsten provided the food and pool!
First thing Parker did was jump in the pool. While the kids played Gabe and I and John and Kirsten sat around having conversation outside while we enjoyed a nice fruity wine spritzer Kirsten made. It was so refreshing with Citrus pieces sliced inside. than we moved on to the first of many of bottles of wine to be had.
The babies had a fun time playing together. Kelsey and Parker played pretty good together as well.
Kirsten brought out some raspberries and Ava was eager to have a taste but made the most sour face I ever seen. I wish I had a picture of it. Here she is eating a grape..she had to inspect it of course before it went in her mouth to make sure she was not going to get tricked into eating another sour berry.
Gabe and John in funny convo.
More pool time!!

At our 3rd bottle of wine Kirsten bought out a pre snack to the Crab legs that were soon to come after. Bacon wrapped Scallops loaded with butter. They were incredible. The crab legs and corn of the cobs were fantastic as well. My camera died so I could not get pictures of the rest of the evening but let's just say it was a wonderful afternoon with family and food and a lot of laughs...This is what summer is all about!


John and Kirsten said...

Can you believe between the four of us we drank eight bottles of wine and the get started spritzers!

Iris said...

It sure was fun though!! I slept really good that night too!

Ally said...

Yes, it is what summer is ALL about...looks like a fantastic time. It's so fun watching the kids play together.

John and Kirsten said...

Okay - guys...we updated our pool today and it is now big enough for 6 adults and all the kids...time to plan another crab adventure!