Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July...

Our 4th was pretty much the same as every year. Usually my parents come every year and we do a little BBQ her at the house but this year they went to the car races and Gabe and I went to some BBQ's.
Happy 4TH of JULY!!!!!!!

We got a visit from Sherri Whom we have not seen in a couple of years. She was a lot of fun to hang out with. We shared a couple cocktails and than headed to Holly's for the BBQ. Gabe took the kids for a little bit to the block party and Parker did the Limbo contest. Unfortunately he did not take a camera. I didn't have mine either for the BBQ.
Holly's Wiener Dog Inga..she is cute with her little RWB bow on.
Beth and DC were having a BBQ also so Parker,Sherri and Gabe went there for about an hour and a half while Ava and I napped at home. Once they got back we went back over to Holly's were we rallied up all the guests and walked over to the beach to watch The Queen Mary Firework show from the Beach. I was trying to get some good shots but I just kept getting blur..even with the firework mode on my camera turned on....
Issac was lighting some little fountains he had on the beach.
Parker is picking up a lot of Gabe's Habits in regards to wearing no shirts. This was after his sparkler went out..(by the way Sparklers don't even sparkle anymore..all they do is shoot out a flame...LAME)
We had a large group at the beach. Ava only got scared once when some on let off a illegal firework that zoomed in the sky really loud. I think she enjoyed them though afterwards.
These are just a bunch of more beach shots..................

This picture I took of Gabe holding Ava watching the fireworks at the queen was blurred but I like their shadows. We had a great time.

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