Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Horse'n Around

Yesterday was Parker's First riding lesson. He was pretty excited about it. His Horses name is Honey. She is a quarter Horse cross.He was doing really good but kinda had a meltdown and was crying in frustration almost his whole lesson. The instructor actually came up to Gabe and I and said he may not be ready yet for lessons.

Here is Parker getting ready to Mount
Here he is on his horse and Cheryl is instructor
First part if he lesson was how to hold the reins and control the horse. He kept holding the reins wrong and that is when he starting crying in frustration.
Some more riding.............
Here he made the horse walk in a circle. He could get the horse to stop and go too.

He had a pretty tough time but I am not gonna give up. I am going to take him again and have him try some more but if he has another meltdown I may just have to cancel lessons for him......

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Ally said...

Hopefully he'll do ok at his next lesson, is it this coming Saturday?'s scaring being on top of a big, live animal all alone the first few times!