Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shoe Gal in Training

I could not resist these cute shoes I found at the Children's place for Ava. I had to get them. Baby Wedge heel shoes..too cute!! I think she liked them too. She is definitely going to be a shoe girl. When I first put them on her she played with her toes a little bit.
OH time to smile for the camera. She is a Ham in front of the camera.
Happy baby with her new shoes
Hmmm...I wonder what she will think with all her shoes thrown in front of her. I think she likes the patent Leather black mary janes with the satin bow...
Well let's take another look at the new wedge heel shoes and debate.....The Leopard print slippers with the felt rose is pretty appealing as well..... It's so hard to choose just one shoe
Mommy painted Ava's toe nails too this evening to go with all her pretty sandals.

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