Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The B52's!!

We first went in and walked through the carnival of Products to hunt down some sunglasses for Gabe. We just so happened to walk right into the wine tasting area where we did a little wine tasting.
We met up with Ally and watch the 3-d Weird Al thing there which was funny and moseyed over to check out the farm animals. which were pretty much cows and goats and sheep OH MY!!!
Gabe had a lot of fun letting the female turkeys peck at his hand..he was doing the same thing with the goats too. He got one of them to start head butt'n his knuckles.
We meet up with Toni and Donna and had some food and beers then walked down to go in the concert where Gabe and I were another group of friends that we were going to be sitting with. I hate when I get pictures of me when I am in mid talk. I was telling Gabe to hurry and take the picture cause my camera was dying
The band was awesome..they sounded just like how they did since the 80's. I danced pretty much the entire time. This was the last picture I could get and my camera was done for.
That's Fred singing.

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