Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So little time and a LOT to do...

Ok So I have A lot to do but just never have the time to do it...It's driving me NUTS..
Every weekend we are doing something and there is still so much to do....and I am not talking about my real TO DO LIST as seen below..I am talking more trips and fun summer break stuff for the kids, Music class for Ava and all of Parker's lessons I signed him up for..Ugh I did not even factor in all my work and business trips coming up...CALGON TAKE ME AWAY

My To Do List for this summer....

  1. Yard Sale

  2. Organize drawers and closets and cupboards

  3. get new tires for the car

  4. get rid of junk in the garage

  5. school supplies shopping

  6. Ava party shopping

  7. Redecorate Parker's room

  8. Pay off credit cards

  9. Put away for Travel funds for Fall trip

  10. Check about re upholstery on couch

  11. Find home for Kitten

  12. Get rid of clothes I have not worn within 6 months

  13. Buy new Dresser

  14. Buy New Bed

  15. Re decorate Bathroom

  16. Sell stuff on Ebay

  17. Get rid of Parker's old toys he no longer plays with

  18. Update address book

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