Thursday, November 20, 2008

Almost a week..

It's been almost a week since I last blogged. I Have been SO busy.
Lats Friday a group of us went bowling and it was a blast. I will post up pictures of that later.

My Birthday on Tuesday was nice Gabe took me out to dinner at Roy's at Fashion Island. It is a Hawaiian fusion restaurant. We got there and had a couple specialty cocktails than had dinner. Gabe than surprised me with a piece of sparkly jewelry when we got back to the car that I just LOVE! I highly recommend going to Roy's!!

Anyways this week has been crazy at work. I am doing all the finalizing of the new building. We also been having training here this week and 2 of my techs Josh and Brad are both leaving for Italy for a week for classes and than when they are back Holly and Erik and Rafael are off to New York and Sean is off to Italy.
With everyone traveling I am gonna be soo slammed. I can't travel anywhere cause I have to oversee the construction of the new rooms, the installation of the floors and electricity and cables for all the computers, office furniture, new doors, decoration, security systems, and shop and classroom set up..this can go on forever. Than I found out we all have to work the IMS (International Motorcycle Show) in Long Beach Dec 7,8, and 9th!!

They put me in charge of the organization of that as well..ughh.

Well one thing I am looking forward to SOLVANG this weekend!!
We have our dinner and hotel reservations all set. Our Private wine tastings all set up and now I just got to get in touch with the rest and let them know the plans.


Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

Is that the Josh, Holly, Erik and Sean I know of? What happened to all your traveling you were gonna do?

Iris said...

These are my co workers..You may have met Holly at my Shower ( I got her a job with me) and Sean you know of from back in the day.
Yeah the traveling is still on I just got pregnant and had to cancel some trips. This coming year will be a big traveling one for me though..Than the traveling that I was gonna do before working with that Quad show all fell through..