Thursday, November 6, 2008

My birthday Present to myself

Well coming home from work today I saw an Estate Sale sign on the old craftsman's home 3 doors down from me. Being a big fan of Estate sales but never having the opportunity to go because I am usually working , Gabe and I decided to walk over there and take a look. The smell of dusty old linens and wood was abundant. The place was full of antique furniture,vintage Rhinestone jewelry,quilts, hobnail vases, French lady figurines, Ruffled lamps and a closet full of orthopedic sandals .
While walking around the house I felt like I was a kid again at Grandmas..and soon there it flashback to being 4 years old ..the Black Forest wooden cuckoo clock in the long solemn hallway lined with aged floral wall papering. I pulled on the chain and moved the arms to 6pm and Cuckoo Cuckoo it went. I HAD TO HAVE IT!!

One thing I have always been attracted to ever since I was a small child was cuckoo clocks. I remember my grandmother had them and her mother had them and so on and so on since my grandmas family comes from Black Forest Germany, it is not unusual we would all have these
fascinations with them.
I have always wanted one but they are just so so expensive.

Well my birthday is just around the corner I so there it birthday gift to myself.


Ally said...

That's a beautiful Cuckoo Clock! Here is some more really beautiful German furniture:

It's not as ornate as that clock...and I may be partial to their work, but I think it's pretty cool. I especially like the this one:

The stain glass, wood combination is simply stunning. I seriously am going to get one of these lamps someday. =)

Iris said...

That is a awesome lamp!!

Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

Is this gonna be a new Collection your starting?

Iris said...

hahaha..almost. In my room I have a bunch of clocks (they are all the kitty ones though) that have the swinging tails and eyes one is from Germany hanging on my wall and Gabe is gonna put the cuckoo in their. There is this eerie look about it but I like the Look and the sounds of the clocks all ticking.