Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brunch at the San Antonio Winery


Yesterday we ventured out to LA to have brunch at the San Antonio Winery and to see a exhibit at the Pico House by Olvera St on hidden Italian history in LA.
We have never been to the San Antonio Winery and Restaurant before and it really is a hidden GEM. It was hard to find sine it is down this industrial rode at the very end of the street.
Gabe said yeah we had to summons the invisible man and talk to the singing bush to get there.
Anyways we called up Josh and Vickie and Evie to come join us for brunch. The food was soo good I had the mushroom ravioli with a glass of cab.
The inside of the restaurant was full of Christmas decorations and lights. This place was like a museum. They had pictures and stories about the winery posted on the wall and a big gift shop, and a wine tasting area with tons of different wines for sale and the distillery and the restaurant.
At brunch they had a man playing the guitar it was very nice. After brunch we did some wine tasting at the tasting room. I ended up buying this AWESOME Pink Sparkling Moscato Rose.
Anyways that was a Teaser to what I will be experiencing in Solvang next weekend! I can't wait for my weekend away wine tasting.
After we left we went to the Pico House to see the exhibit than finally afterwards it was back on our way home.
Driving through LA..

The Winery

Parker being sneaky

Ava being Innocent

Evie is Ava's BFF!!

LA is was raining ash!!

me and the kids..oh sporting my new haircut!

Gabe holding the pink moscato rose..reminds me of the
I dream of Jeanie bottle..Parker was in the back trying to copy Gabe


Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

is that the winery off the freeway, ive always wanted to go there. I think that Evie looks alot like Vickie in the eyes. Parkers sneaky looks are funny!!! You good btw!

Iris said...

Yes...It is definately worth going to you Absolutely have to is wonderful!!! It feels like you are on a vacation..nice spot to celebrate a birthday,anniversary,mothers day or just a lovely brunch!
Yes Evie looks a lot like Vickie in the eyes. Yeah Parker LOL always looking like he is up to no good.