Saturday, November 8, 2008


Yeah Yeah get your minds out of the gutter it is not what you think!

Last night I was thinking how I was not going to make the Saturday night Poker party with the fellas so I thought to myself ( Self...I should do a game night with the gals) So there it was.

Gabe took the kids for the evening and I had a Girls night IN!

My partners in crime that evening were Toni,Ally and Thelma..we lost Holly

I supplied the Lemon Drop Martini's
Ally supplied the awesome spinach dip and Guacamole and chips and a 3 lb bag of Gummy Bears!
and Thelma surprised everyone with a special little bag of Sees Chocolates

So during the Gab session amongst the gals I than realized I did not have a deck of cards that hadn't been thrown about by a 7 year old boy. Toni had also mentioned how she brought the Sex and the City movie which brought me to the most wonderful idea!

I ran to my bedroom and dusted off the Hot pink box that had tempted my game playing urges for so long. Tonight was the night, the most perfect night to Play Sex and the City Trivia. Since there was 4 of us gals we decided we would each be a character from the show. I ended up as Miranda. There was so many funny moments and full on laugh out loud rolling on the floor moments and a LOT of dirty talk and deep secrets.

We had played a few rounds of SATC and than in a drunken haze decided to be more active and played some Guesstures ( a charade game) we than all got to talking about how we need to make it a priority for us to get together.

AND JUST LIKE THAT it was set in stone that once a month we would do girls night out.

I was gonna blog about this last night but we didn't end the night till almost 2:30am!!

The Gals!

Our table was funny. Sex and the city,3lb bag of gummy bears
Unlit cigarettes for looks

Toni reading a card

We got a little crazy adding Gummy bears to our cocktails



Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

First of all I totally thought of Sex and the City! How Patetic is that. 2nd I would have kick ass at that game! Itotally want to play!

Iris said...

It is much harder than it looks. I thought I would kick ass and I was like the only one that didn't win a round...or did I?? The games were all alwaysd so close.

Ally said...

We kick ass.

Ally said...

And, in those pics, the pink square question cards look like condom wrappers...don't you think?