Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday Bowling..

So since not all of my friends can make it out to Solvang a bunch of us are going Cosmic bowling tonight at the Long Beach Pike at 8:3o to celebrate my birthday!!
This morning when I got in my car Gabe surprised me with a present on the dashboard of my car!
It was a cd I been wanting!
Anyways I am at work and I had a struggle yesterday mentally and physically (why I didn't blog plus I was working from home late last night)

Work has been mentally draining. Especially the fact that my boss has been telling me a bunch of changes that they are doing with the staff which makes me concerned what the future may hold for me.
They are not laying anyone off but promotions are coming and advancements and so far I have heard every ones destiny but my own. Everyone is gonna make out pretty good and will very pleased but I can't help to think I am gonna be just in the same ol positon making the same money which is not bad but I could make more.
I worry that me taking me a maternity leave has really affected what and any sort of promotion I could get.
I know I been busy handling the new building which we will be moving into and my boss has marked with the property managers that only him and I are to hold the keys to the building and have the security clearance. He also marked me down for the office manager. However there is no increase in my pay. I can only hope that I am gonna get some sort of promotion too or raise and the only reason I don't know anything about my destiny with the future of this department is because
1. He will tell me during the annual reviews when the raises are made aware of
2.They are working on something for me and it is unknown

I don't know maybe I am worrying too much. I guess it worries me cause he told me in confident every one's plans BUT mine.

All I can only do is work my ass off and go beyond and above my normal duties to show that I am worthy of a promotion..

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