Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dinner at Dusk

Yesterday in the afternoon we decided to do a late lunch/early dinner at the lagoon.
It was a nice crisp afternoon. We had some fried chicken,potato wedges,chips,macaroni salad and sandwiches. Gabe secretly brought a bottle of wine for us but we didn't open it.

We laid Ava out on the blanket and I threw a crumbled up chip in the grass by her and the pigeons came up pretty close to her and she was smiling and excited looking at them so close up. Than the water loons started coming and than a few seagulls. Parker was busting up laughing so hard at the loons because he was saying how they kept sounding like they were farting.

After feeding the birds Parker played on the playground and I was holding Ava let her watch him. Parker and Gabe than played some baseball. Parker hit a few good ones. We sat on the park bench all together to watch the sunset than packed up to go home.

Which instead we went to the mall and used my Baby Gap gift certificate that Holly and Eric gave us. (Thanks Holly and Eric we bought a cute little knit dress with a vintage looking gray sweater and cute mod looking baby shoes) I also spent way to much money at Victoria Secret and had to stop by Coach and drool over the new Amanda Opt Art Foldover Flap purse which I may just have to buy on payday.

Another reason why Gabe is the best husband ever....We took 2 cars to the lagoon my car and his truck so he can carry all the supplies. While following him home we had to cross a main street that had no lights so a lot of traffic passes by. He got across and I was at the stop sign waiting forever for a chance to cross..Gabe got out of his truck to go out into the street to stop traffic so I could cross over safely in my car...I would have to say that is by far one of the best gestures of love I have ever seen.


What a Happy Baby

Ava and I hanging out
Here come the scavengers

Don't worry we were close by to shoo them away if they looked threatening

Sunset is just around the corner (too bad my camera is too crappy to get a shot of the sunset.

Gabe and Parker playing ball

Gabe and Parker right before we left


Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

awwww, he is a nice guy! I LOVE baby GAP. Thats where I keep buying her clothes too. Let me know If you ever see a plain Brown dress in 6-9 months. Im on the Hunt! GAP had one but I never bought It....

Holly said...

Oh I'm so glad you guys found some cute stuff! Gotta love BabyGap. These pictures came out pretty, too! Sounds like a great day...sigh. It's so easy to forget to be happy with what we have. :-)