Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008!!

So I am looking forward to voting today. I am leaving work early to go and vote! I am a little undecided in who I am gonna vote for. I have pros and cons for both candidates. I think I know pretty sure who I am gonna vote for though. I also was reading over the pros and cons to all the propositions that are up and made notes for which ones I am voting yes or no on.
So Funny but Parker is all intrigued by the propositions going on. He always runs in from the other room when one of the commercials comes on and asks if he should vote yes or no on that number. I just tell him he can't vote anyway and to wait when he is older and he should not worry about it since he is a kid. I want him to make his own decisions and I don't want to influence him on what is right or wrong because I think it is so.
I just find it really strange though that he is so interested in laws all of a sudden he keeps asking about them and says it is fun learning about them..hmm maybe I have a politician on my hands..or maybe the future President!!

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