Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's like I am running a side buisness..

So funny thing ..it seems that it is well known at work that I am a sucker for Vino. I do a lot of favors and go out of my way to help some people out and they always seems to know that if they give me vino I hook them up in the future when they need things done for them.

Anyways this week we have technical training going on. First thing on Monday I get an envelope handed to me from a tech asking who Iris is. It was from a dealer who wanted to send a tech to school but I had no seats open and could not get them in til February when we had an opening. The Manager begged and begged me PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE anything? My tech will stand..you can put him in a corner blah blah than he was like I will give you 100 bucks. I was like no no no I can't do it....Anyway we ended up having a cancellation by a dealer who signed up from up North who told me on the phone that he was gonna bring me a nice bottle of wine for helping him out so much. So I call the dealer who was begging and told him OK you can send your tech.

Well yesterday classes started and the tech comes in with the envelope and inside the envelope was a big thank you note with 100 bucks. I told him no but he insisted!

Than another tech shows up asking for who is Iris and has 4 bottles of wine and said it was from his owner for helping him out..lol everyone was in the office looking at me like DAMN!!!

I felt like I was running some shady business on the side or something..

Anyways the homemade organic wine I got from the dealership owner in Long Beach is not that bad. I had it with my last bowl of pasta since I am starting my no carb diet for a month. Time to stock up on the ethically treated farm animals as Josh would call it.



Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

Yes on 2....and buy cage free egg's, LoL.....No carb your crazy! I live on carb's. But then again I dont eat meat so I have too....

Iris said...

Yeah it will be a struggle.I started my workouts yesterday..my muscles ache today.