Monday, November 24, 2008

The Great Wine Hangover!!

This past weekend was a blast but it flew by much to fast.

Friday we started out wine tasting and went to first..
Foley-grounds were nice..I was not too thrilled with the wine
Star Lane- Newer vineyard...Meh nothing to write home about
Checked into Room
Lucas and Lewellen-I always have a good time here cause they pour lots and have a fun upbeat vibe to it-the wine is ok..same ol same ol However their Blanc d blanc champagne KICKS ASS
Presidio-They were ok..however I was a bit drunk that I cannot recall much on what I liked..I know I ended the flight with their non alcoholic Grape Juice
went back to the room and passed out at 7:45pm..left poor Gabe with nothing to do..

Gabe and I went to have a nice good ol country breakfast

We than got in the convertible and went to the Lavender Farm.

I LOVED this place. Of course they had harvested so there was no beautiful purple flowers but the smell was GREAT!!
After relaxing at the Lavender Farm we went to taste at ..

BlackJack Vineyards-Nice vineyards, Wine was good but very expensive
Met up with Michael and Loryn than all got in the convertible and went too....
Beckman- Wines weren't too bad..The grenache was AWESOME
Bridlewood-Wines were ok but the cheese plate with Olives and salami was awesome
Fess Parker- Pretty ok had a wonderful Riesling and awesome buttery crackers..Was starting to get a little tipsy by this point
Honeywood- I love this place..just a tasting room in Solvang and they specialize in sweet wines but showcase small wine labels that are somewhat unknown but OH SO GOOD..first wines I bought were from this place..maybe this is why I am a member! Michael and Loryn I think dug the sweet wines since they bought a bottle of each!

Met up with Eric and Holly

all went to
Lions Peak- I love Lions Peak however the owners just got a divorce and it was ugly I guess and the girl pouring was a total bitch....
Lucas and Lewellen- We had a good time here. I think we didn't pay much attention to this wine we were just too loaded to care at this point I think we must have had several servings here
Taste of the vineyards- OK now we just bought one bottle and sat at a both and drank the bottle with a cheese plate..I think that is what it was I was hammered don't remember much ...
All walked back to the rooms to change and jumped in Eric's and Holly's car and went to the Hitching post for dinner. I had the fillet Mignon which was so good and I want more! Oh and had some more wine!

Got back home and we decided to have a little hot tub party . Eric and Holly bought some champagne and tequila which I could not drink anymore after drinking since 10am!!
The hot tub was closed but that didn't stop these guys!! They hopped the fence and hit the hot tubs.
I was gonna go in but seriously went into a food coma and could not keep my eyes open and ended passing out in front of the TV which I really wanted to hop that fence and get in the tub..after that I don't remember much..

Sunday morning-Gabe and I got up early and went to the bakery across the street and checked out the big gingerbread house and had a danish and coffee.

We than packed up and checked out and went shopping.
We met up later with Mike and Loryn and went to breakfast. They left and we wanted to check out Los Olivos which I am glad I did cause we got a coupon to go to this little tasting room from a label called WILD HEART.
It was a beautiful tasting room. The even serve you strawberries with some of the wines. Their wines were very good I loved them all so much I joined their wine club. I get my first shipment in December.
On the way back we stopped at a Apple orchard and got some apples and bought some apple butter..
We than went home...I have had a headache ever since I got back..A wine hangover

A Lot of Pictures to make up for all 3 days!

Foley Vineyards

Still Foley Vineyards

Gabe at breakfast Sat Morning

The Lavender Farm Entry

The field behind me is all lavender ..I am sitting under a 300 year old Oak listening to a wood pecker

Gabe in the lavender Farm..I gotta go in the spring when it is in Bloom!!

Cjhecking out the woodpecker again!

More lavender..there was tons of bees in those bushes!

Me and Gabe and Micheal and Loryn I believe at Bridlewood

Eric and Holly at Lions Peak..aww how sweet

Michael and Loryn at L&L...sooo cute

The Wino's at L&L

This was at Taste of the Vineyards or Valleys or something like that..hey I was drunk at this point some things were a bit of a blur..Loryn looks like she is having a good time in this picture

After dinner us gals were having some birthday ice cream and girl talk (Loryn and I share the same birthday) The guys were at the bar having cognacs and smoking cigars

Sunday morning at the bakery..had to have gabe stand by the gingerbread house..I told him he should have posed as if he were running like the gingerbread man


Holly said...

your pictures came out amazing!!! i stole a few for FB. thanks so much for inviting us, iris. we had the best time. such a great group 'o friends we got. le sigh.

Iris said...

Yeah I had a blast too..I can't wait to go back when everyone else can go too!