Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day of the Dead

Yesterday we went over to the arts district in downtown LA for the Day of the dead festivities. It was a blast. There are a ton of different festivals but this is the one that had all the big paper mache puppets. They had a museum there and tons of vendors and food and entertainment. I was dying for a Elote (corn with mayo and farmers cheese). I was even filmed on TV for some LA Latin TV show that is on Cable.
After the street fair we went over to Olvera St for more festivities and to meet a couple of friends for margaritas and dinner. Josh Gabe and Eric went to get cleansed (with the incenses and some other thing they were doing) and vickie and myself with the two babies and Parker went to watch the shows and look at all the alters.

Anyways we were all going to go to the cemetery afterwards but the kids were starting to get too sleepy and so we called it a night. I bought me some sugar skulls and some other cool skeleton stuff for my scrapbook pages I am gonna do. Parker said his favorite parker was smashing the confetti eggs on daddy's head.

One really creepy thing though that happened in Olvera St there was a parade thing going on and every picture I took the images were gone! I could get the whole crowd around them but the people in the parade disappeared!! I had witness watch me take the photo to Like Vickie and Eric and they were scared after seeing it. They could not believe their eyes.

This is one of the parade pictures. If you click on it you can slightly see a skull head. The weird thing is they weren't moving so fast that it would do this..they were just walking! Maybe I just need a new camera.

Gabe and Parker at the street fair

Me Ava and Parker in the museum

Ava smiling at the camera while we were on our way to Olvera Street

She really liked this rattle. She started licking it like a lollipop.


Josh Vicki and Erik meet up with us for dinner ( Evie was there too)

Parker put on the mask and was dancing around to the music going on. It was funny!

Doing my LA POSE in front of the alter

Parker and Gabe in front of the same alter


Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

First of All I am Jealous that you guys went!!! I have Always wanted to go!!!! Second that rattle Is to DIE for!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!

Iris said...

Yeah that rattle does rock!
They had a bunch. I think you can buy them anytime at the first store on the left when you walk in that has all the dia de los muertos stuff. I think they sell day of the dead stuff all year round.