Sunday, November 30, 2008

Build a Bear

Today we are off to Downtown Disney to get Grandmas present.

When Parker was a little toddler we took him to Build - A -Bear and had him record his voice and it said Hi My Name Is Parker in his little boy voice and we gave it to my mom for Xmas one year. SHE LOVED IT!
Anyway we are getting a voice box to have Ava record her baby babble and gonna make a baby AVA Bear to give to Grandma. I have to make mine as well cause I had one made when Parker was little that I have as a keepsake.
This is going to be a present to my mom from Gabe. He is actually the one that gave her the Bear Parker made which stole the show at Christmas.
I also told my brother that he should have some made from his two babies. A Logan and Lexi bear than my mom can have teddy bears from all her grandkids.
I think he is going to do it too.
Off to mke Teddy Bears!!

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