Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Day of the Dead Photos

So as requested I am posting up a few more pictures.
I have some of some alters, and artwork and of course the rest of my ghostly parade pictures..

In the planters outside people were making their own little tribute to a passed on love one and this one really grabbed me cause it reminds me of my chihuahua MILO who is still alive but looks a lot like this dog. They left him some Halloween candy and a few sugar skulls. What I don't have is the tribute right next to it which was a Elvis Presley Baseball card and a package of Reece's pieces Elvis promo peanut butter banana cups next to it.

This is a cool alter that was at the street fair inside the museum. Kinda blurry.

This was a interesting had a really heart grabbing poem next to it. It nearly brought me to tears. I wish I could had gotten a more detailed better shot.

For some reason inside this place everything came out hazy. The place was so filled with incense smoke it was like a fog in there.
Those are all made from paper mache!

These remind me of Blythe Doll Skulls.
I almost bought one and I think I should have of the same artist that did these photos. They had rag dolls with 60's hair dos with these type of faces. They were really cool...I bet I can find them on (thee best site ever by the way!!)

AHH. The GOYA Mexican product name brand. They had a alter to the guy I guess GOYA himself. By the way..A little story..This was a big sponsor of the street fair and they had a booth with samples and Gabe and I walk over there and they give us this foam cup with this hot punch with a bunch of stewed fruit basically. It was the best thing I have had. OH MAN They said it is called Fruit Ponche . Anyway it comes in a bag and it looks like a bag of dried fruit with some cinnamon sticks and what not inside. I guess you add water and some sugar and boil the dried fruit and it becomes basically a hot cider but so much better than plain apple cider was filled with all kinds of fruit and soo soo good. Anyway I can't find it anywhere!! I checked albertsons in the Mexican food isle.. nothing,Ralph's.. nothing, top value in the heavy Mexican area in long beach..nothing. I am dying to find this stuff for the holidays! They did say they sell it at food 4 less. I just have to find one in my neighborhood.

Some dancers at Olvera st. (which were moving around like clear looking shot right)

Parker dancing to the music still

Ok Eric was behind me when I did this picture cause he had to see with his own eyes that none of the day of the dead parade peeps showed up in my photo. Now this one they were not even marching by they were in the middle lighting incense..the blank stuff in the middle is where the parade members were standing in. I get the photo of the people even on the other side..WTH??
Eric saw me hold the camera up and have them in my frame and snap the shot..nothing..

The parade..this one they actually stopped to let people take pictures

More click on this can almost see the people in the parade but why are they see through??? SOO Spooky...something does not want me to have these images..maybe my crappy camera...or is it ???

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