Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Couture

My name is Iris and I am a shopaholic.

So I had to post up some of my newest obsessive finds for Ava

Chanel inspired baby shoes

These are the Queen Mary of Scots (cute Scottish tartan shoes I had to get these cause they match a lot of outfits she has of the same tartan)

I had to get the leopard shoes

The dresses OMG...why can't they make them in my size!

That's all for now ..I need help seriously...I really hope someone I know who is pregnant will have a little girl I can pass on all these baby clothes too.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

did you get the shoes off ETSY, Send me the link. I NEED the leopard and Tartan ones!!! BTW are you going to the scrapbook convention and what day?

Iris said...

She is one of my favorite bootie makers. She has some really cool shoes. Ava has a few pairs.
I am gonna go to thwe expo on Sunday. Sat we are taking Parker to Disneyland (Rain or Shine) and Friday Gabe and I are doing Valentines day. Let me know if you are going Sunday too. Maybe we can meet up.