Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Saturday with my Pals

Gabe was suppose to go to the UCLA game yesterday but did not due to rain so yesterday morning Toni, Thelma and I went to breakfast at the coffee cup cafe. They have awesome food and always have a loooooong line out the door. It's nice cause when you put your name on the list you can go help yourself to their coffee bar and make yourself a warm cup of joe while you wait.

Thelma and I both had the Veggie omelets which was as usual very good. Toni had the Chirizo and eggs with tortillas.

After breakfast we dropped Toni off (cause she had a hair appointment) and Thelma and I went over to the Long Beach town center to go see He's just not that into you. This is SUCH a chick flick. In the theater it was ALL Women and their girl friends and a couple of their Queen boy friends. It reminded me of sex and the city in someways. It was a pretty long over 2 hours! Before the movie I went to Carter's and bought Ava some cute shirts and a Jean Jacket and some very cute sandals.

After the movie I came home and relaxed with the kids and the hubby. Gabe went out to buy some king crab leggs so we had a big king crab leg dinner with wine last night.

It was a nice day.

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