Monday, February 9, 2009


As I sit here at my desk on a very looong Monday at work with no phone calls coming in I was thinking to myself how strange dreams are. I always wanted to break some code with how your dreams and your realities match up together. Dreams have always been an enigma to me.
When I was in high school during my senior year I started to keep a journal on my dreams. I would write down what I did that day and than the following morning write down the dream that I had. I did this religiously for 3 months.
The end result....nothing matched up.

This worries me for one reason...What on earth must I be thinking to come up with some of the dreams that I do...for example.

I once had a dream where I was in a yard and it was dusk outside. I was searching for Easter eggs but they weren't Easter eggs they were like random animal eggs but colored. I had a Easter basket but instead of having the fake Easter grass I had real grass in it and the eggs started hatching these lizard things...That's what I can remember on the top of my head but in my journal it was much more detailed.

I unburied that journal a couple weeks ago and I keep meaning to read it for a few laughs but have yet too.

I notice to that I do have reoccurring dreams. My re occurring dreams...

  • Tidal waves-I dream that I am watching big waves forming a tidal wave and always run from it and it never gets me. (these tidal wave dreams never really frighten me but I do have a weird phobia I believe due to them cause I drive the coast every day but always find myself thinking of what if a tidal wave just came)

  • My house where I grew up or the elementary school I went to ( Thelma and I were just talking about this over the weekend about having dreams of places from your childhood) These dreams are always happy dreams for me

  • Disneyland- I used to get these more frequently as a child. I used to dream that I would hide out in the park after it closes

  • Flying- Anytime I would have a dream where I would be in some sort of trouble I would just start flapping my arms and up up and away I would be

  • Airplane crashes- I actually just had one not to long ago. Now here is something very interesting about these. I used to dream about seeing a airplane crash from my yard at the house I used to grow up in All the time. The other night I had a dream that I was at my old house and I saw a plane in the distance going down. Now with these particular dreams I think I had them because we lived under the landing route of the Long Beach airport. I am sure I heard planes in my sleep which caused me to have these dreams.

  • A made up place I always return to- There is a place I dream of often and I don't believe it exists but I dream of it from time to time. It is basically a neighborhood in Bixby Knolls not to far from the place I grew up at and in this neighbor hood is a block with grass,sidewalks,old street lamps and cast iron bus benches. (it's like a square park looking thing surrounded by houses)You can sit at the old bus bench and a old trolley street car would come pick you up and take you down to some old town where there was general stores and hobby shops...(I really really enjoy going to this non existent place and it seems so familiar but I know I have never been there before)

well to close up this blog..dreams..what a trip they are

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Ally said...

I used to have the dreams about flying too. It was soooo cool. I wish we could really do that.

Another recurring dream for me is being chased and someone trying to hurt me by killing one of my animals. Used to be Sweet Pea a same dreams but it's Raleigh. How weird is that?

Then there is the recurring dreams with my ex boyfriend...usually involving sex of some sort.

Yeah. Dreams are a trip. I wake up disappointed any morning I can remember one.