Saturday, February 28, 2009

Longest Week Ever...

Let me just say that this past week has been so insane at work. I admit there would be some down time and for some hours it would drag and drag but all in all this has been the longest week ever!
One employee was out sick all week. Another employee had a technical training course to teach. Another employee took 2 PTO days and another started his vacation.
It was basically my boss, one co worker and myself working the whole week.
I been in and out of meetings all week to but there is some very interesting things coming up for the company in April.
Our CEO is coming to visit and we are releasing the new Vespa 300!! We will be having the Product launch press party at our facility. We have still not settled in completely so my boss asked me to get to decorating.
Anyway I was so burned out last night I basically went straight to bed.
I think Ava has been teething. She has became quite fussy in the past week. I gave her some teething tablets and that ALWAYS quiets her up..we are also going to buy her a play saucer this weekend cause we need to put her in something cause right now she loves just sitting in her stroller...see how content she looks.................................

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