Friday, February 20, 2009

Chinese Food and Family Fued

So on a usually uneventful Thursday night Auntie Ally came over with a big Bag of Chinese Take-Out from Pick up Stix. We had a feast of the House Chicken and Honey chicken with noodles and rice along the side.
After our Meal I made us a couple of Vodka Sodas. We than picked a spot out in front of the TV and Played a couple rounds of Family Feud on the Play station 2.
I always seem to pick the right moments to snap a picture~

Ava was playing too

I tried to take a picture of the really creepy looking characters...but I didn't want to subject you to the Horror I will put up another cute Ava and Ally shot

This was before Ava spit up on her clothes when I than cleaned her up and put her jammies on.
Any night when you and a pal can share take out is a mighty good night ..well in my opinion of course

1 comment:

Ally said...

Hahaha...whew, am I glad I finally got to the salon hair is a mess!

Avaaaah! She is so damn cute, I can barely stand it :)