Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Trivia Dream Team

There is a local Irish Pub Gallagher's a block away from where I live and on Wednesdays they have these Pub Trivia challenges where basically people come out for drink and food specials and have a team of like 4 people who battle other teams in the bar to trivia. There is a buy in and what ever teams wins ..wins the pot.

Now I am a HUGE HUGE trivia nerd. So is my husband and our old roommate Carl. We get together once a month ..used to be more and battle each other at trivia games on PlayStation such as You don't know Jack ( three versions) Jeopardy, Buzz, scene it, Rock n Roll trivia, Trivial Pursuit etc... Ally has joined us for a few nights of trivia so I came to this idea that we should make a team and do the Gallagher's thing one night.

I think we could be a KILLER team..

It maybe hard though considering it is a work night for me and I HATE going out on week nights ( a gal has got to get her sleep) also Gabe works nights, Carl works night and I believe Ally works pretty late as well.

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