Monday, February 2, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday

Yesterday was a total spur of the moment get together. Everyone kept asking me what I was doing for Superbowl and I had no plans so I decided (like I always do) to have a party at the last moment. I invited just the usual people I talk to on a daily basis nothing big.
Anyways We had about 20 people show. Gabes family showed, my family showed than they all brought their kids and all my neighborhood friends showed so it was pretty good.

We had a TON of food which half of the stuff I brought I never even got to cook and bring out. I had pot stickers, taquitos,big bucket of cherries. I guess I will save them for a rainy day.

We were all rootin for the Cardinals! I always go for the underdog.

There was lots of boozing last night though..a lot of people got hammered.

Here is my chocolate fountain I got going on for was messy but ooooohhhh so gooood

My brother chowing down some ribs

Parkers room is still trying to recover

Some of the scene outside..we had two tv's going on one in the living room in the house and the other out in the garage

My little cousin (Kirsten and my uncle John's baby John Jr)

After the awesome touchdown the Cards made

After the game..a few relaxing on the couch

There was no more seats left so Chris thought he would sit on Gabe's lap
It was a pretty fun night..

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