Sunday, February 22, 2009

An evening at The Supper Club

Last night we went to Savannah Supper Club with My uncle John and Kirsten whom is a long time close friend that is now my aunt..funny how things work out in life..

Last time we dined here it was just adults but we brought the kiddos this time around. Well I brought Half my kiddos ...Parker we dropped off at his cousins for awhile so we just brought Ava with us.

This is a very Regal restaurant. We got there at 5:30 when it opens and already there was a traffic jam of cars in the Valet. When you walk into this place it is very dark decorated with big plush red velvet booths and white linen tables. There are Candelabras and Jeweled chandeliers that dimly light the place. We were seated in the room pass the lounge where they usually have a live Jazz act playing. The room is lit with wall mounted Candles of all assortments and a dim light that softly changes a different shade every 5 minutes. The walls are lavender and maroon and there are different little nooks and crannies that you can reserve little intimate booths for a private party. The are basically like corner booths with a canopy of sheer drapes.

Me getting ready for dinner

Now bare with me. My photos had to be taken with my non flash camera phone cause my digital battery went south.

This is the one photo I got before my Camera went dead.

Kelsey..she was pretty good..despite the mischievous smirk as seen below

The hubs enjoying his Cajun Martini

Another Swell Evening

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