Monday, February 2, 2009

I've been ill

I have been under the I have not blogged but a little briefing of how my weekend went.

Well of course Friday we got home at 10 after Fondue-ing and martini drinking. Holly came over for a little bit afterwards and than I went to bed.

Saturday I was a shopping fool! My mom came over and we went to the swapmeet where I blew about 200.00. I spent a lot at the scrapbooking booth and bought about 50 jolees and a huge set of embossing powders for only 46.00 bucks. There was also a booth where a guy was selling assorted pantyhose and stockings and I bought about 9 pair of really cute stocking brand new in packages for a dollar a piece. They were all DKNY. I than went to some stores and I got Ava some clothes and Parker some shoes and I bought a new wardrobe! I got a new pair of shoes, 7 outfits, some jewelry and bought new make up. After buying my new wardrobe my mom and I went to Costco to get stuff for the little superbowl get together I was gonna have the next day.

When I get home I will blog about the Superbowl get together..It was a Blast..

All the while though what I thought was allergies is actually a cold. wahhhh the last time I was sick with a cold was when I was about 5 months pregnant. I must have caught it from ...well who knows everyone I been around has it. Yesterday at the party pretty much everyone had the same thing I did. My uncle and Kirsten were about as bad as I was though.
On Top I added a photo Toni took of Ava on her cell phone over the weekend


Ally said...

Cool! I was around a bunch of sick peeps yesterday! :) I think I see a cold in my future. I'm stocking up on zinc tonight.

Iris said...

I had no idea everyone would be feeling under the weather...I thought I had just allergies until i felt the same for the third day..Yeah zinc it up!