Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Activities for the kids

When Parker was about Ava's age I joined Gymboree. It was a fun time but it did have a heavy price tag. You get 45 minutes of play one day a week for 70.00 a month. The money is really not an object for me but I am thinking maybe there is something else. Parker did not seem to care much about gymboree..Gabe was thinking maybe he was just not old enough.
Anyway I am on the hunt to find maybe some other fun Mommy and me sort of thing for me and Ava to do on maybe Saturdays.

I also want to put Parker in some sort of activity as well cause really he plays too much video games and I am taking them away slowly and want him to focus on something else. He does not really care for sports but is quite thee explorer. I was thinking maybe even putting him in horse riding lessons at the equestrian center I used to go to when I did show jumping.
I also thought about putting him in some sort of music lesson but he gets to frustrated if he can;t get it the first couple times and gives up really easily. I think at least with the horse riding it is fun to do and learn.
We tried him in baseball he did not like it..asked him if he wanted to take interests...I don't know what to do.
I will continue on my journey to find some sort of groups to put the kids in.

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