Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wine tasting with Family

Last night Gabe and I went with my uncle and Kirsten to a wine tasting event as a fundraiser for Kelsey's school. It was really cool. I drove to pick up Gabe after work at French 75 where we had two rounds of Champagne cocktails and than headed straight over to my uncles place. We jumped into my uncles car and headed to a place called the Winery in Los Alamitos. We did 10 tastings and had some appetizers. Kirsten said how she was wanting a steak now and Gabe suggested we go to the Savannah Supper Club by South Coast Plaza which they are having a special for the month of February where they have a couple items listed at 10.00!! Now this is a a realllly nice restaurant where everything on the menu is over 25.00! So we all got Filet Mignon's and Gabe got the Alaskan King Crab Legs. We took a bottle of wine and enjoyed a nice dinner and drinks. It was a nice night.

Anyway I was kind of bummed that I was unable to pick up my camera so I used my camera phone not so great.

This is a photo I took on my way to is nice to see this every morning when I go to work

yesterday when I left work to get Gabe it started pouring rain than once I passed the rain cloud I saw this awesome rainbow

My uncle John and Kirsten Wine Tasting

Gabe and Myself also wine tasting

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