Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now That's a Fancy Ice Cream

I been on a mean ice cream addiction the past couple of weeks and I been telling Gabe how I wish there was an old ice cream parlor we could go to as a family..something like Farrell's.
On my hunt for a old fashion Parlor I came across Delicieuse. I looked at my husband with begging eyes to pleasssssssssssssssse take me there.
Basically it is a French Artisanale Ice Cream Cafe. They are plated on nice dishes with beautiful artistic garnishes. It is like a fine cuisine.
I am also intrigued by the flavors. The picture above I grabbed off flicker and it is of the goats milk ice cream (which by the way I will NOT be trying)
Figue ~ Fig
Menthe ~ Mint
Café ~ Coffee
Coco ~ Coconut
Yaourt ~ Yogurt
Safran ~ Affron
Cognac ~ Cognac
Canelle ~ Cinnamon
Fraise ~ Strawberry
Pistache ~ Pistachio
Chene de Rians ~ Oak
Lavande ~ Lavender
Vanille ~ Vanilla Bean
Cacahutte ~ Peanut Butter
Peche Blanche ~ White Peach
Syrop D`Erable ~ Maple Syrup
Fromage Blanc ~ Fromage Blanc
Glace Mangue ~ Mango Ice Cream
Banana Flambee ~ Banana Flambee
Glace Vanille Au Lait Chevre ~ Goat’s Milk
Caramel a la Fleur de Sel ~ Caramel with Salt
Au Jeune Riz Vietnamien ~ Vietnamese Rice
Chocolat aux Noisette ~ Chocolate Hazelnut
Creme Glacee de Earl Grey ~ Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream
Chocolat A La Couverture Concorde ~ Deep Dark Chocolate
Dua avec Coco ~ Asian Vanilla Ice Cream with Young coconut
And the Sorbet..
Café ~ Coffee
Figue ~ Fig
Biere ~ Beer
Melon ~ Melon
Menthe ~ Mint
Vanille~ Vanilla
Griotte ~ Cherry
Avocat ~ Avocado
Mangue ~ Mango
Banane ~ Banana
Poire William ~ Pear William
Muscat ~ Muscat White Wine
Pomme Verte ~ Green Apple
Citron Basilic ~ Lemon Basil
Géranium ~ Geranium Flower
Ananas Vanille ~ Pineapple Vanilla
Fleurs Hibiscus ~ Hibiscus Flower
Carotte Orange ~ Carrot Orange
Abricot Des Côtes Du Rhone ~ Apricot
Peche Nectarine ~ Peach TangerineSorbet
Thé au Jasmin~ Jasmin Tea Sorbet
Poire au Chocolat ~ Pear with Chocolate
Abricot Romarin ~ Apricot with Rosemary
Fraise avec Basilic ~ Strawberry
My biggest problem now is to choose what flavor to get!!!


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

I dont know about the OAK or the Caramel with salt...ummm, eww. But to let you know there is a Farrells in Santa Clarita! I used to go to the one in rosemead all the time!

Iris said...

I love Farrells..there is one opening in the OC I heard!!
Yeah Santa Clarita..yipes that is far...next door to Magic Mountain...that better be one damn good ice cream