Monday, February 23, 2009

Come Along and walk with me

So everyday I walk to pick up Parker from the after school program when Gabe leaves to work and I come home.These walks are truly a moment of zen for me. To walk in the crisp air and take in the beauty yet Erie neighborhood I live in. I find it a mysterious neighborhood full of I am sure wandering spirits and lots of history considering it is a historical district.

I was out of diapers and had to create some fun little project to lure Parker into the walk to the local grocery store which is only 3 measly blocks from the house.

So I brought my camera and told him to help find some beautiful things on our walk to take pictures of. So here are some pictures that we took on our walk. Two I took before I got Parker to show him what I was doing.

The Things we love about our neighborhood.....

There are so many lovely shrubs and trees and gardens to capture

I love that Parkers school is across the street..They removed the old Air Raid siren recently

This is from my front door..I love the sunset

I love the palm tress

I love my cats whom always want to follow us on our walks but they stop at the end of the street

The flowers everywhere

Parker loves all the street signs..this one is ours

I love the white picket fences

I love the spookiness of Winnipeg Street and the old brick pillars

I love all the old stone

We love walks

I love that the grocery store is 3 blocks away

Parker loves all the old cars

We love the old lamp posts and fence lights

I can't love enough white picket fences
We came across a Lurker in the shadows......stalking behind us as we turned the corner of our block

I love the surprises of the neighborhood like realizing that a cat has been following me and I never noticed

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Holly said...

i love this post, you made my day. thanks iris!