Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gavin Turns 7

Yesterday we went to Andy and Davina (brother and sister in law) house to celebrate Gavin turning 7 years old. They had a TON of good fun. It was a pretty fun time. It was technically going to be a pool party but it was pretty cold but still Parker and a few other kids did go in the pool anyway.
Ava Crawling around on the couch..she just cannot sit still

Jesse brought over a pinata for the party. Davina was helping his daughter Allister fill it up.

They had a bounce house but the manager of the Mobile Estates they live in made them deflate it..that still could not get the boys out of it

My pinata pictures came out too dark but them grabbing the loot came out pretty good.

Time for CAKE!

Singing Happy Birthday. Gavin made a party hat for himself out of the pinata

Rich and his son Hunter

Time for presents..It was cuter how all the kids sat in a circle to watch Gavin open his gifts.

He got some good stuff..What a fun party

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