Saturday, August 1, 2009

~ ~Splish~ ~ Splash~ ~ ~ ~

When I came home from work yesterday Gabe's parents were sitting the kids (as they do every Friday since Gabe and I both work the day shift on Fridays) and I came home to see Ava sitting in a big yellow basket that I use for ..well carrying stuff..laundry,toys,etc.. and find Ava bathing in it. Well more like splashing away and laughing. It was full of bubbles and she was having such a blast so now that I finally bought batteries for my camera I can start taking pictures again.

Look at the Funny Happy Smiling BABY
Her face cracks me up in this picture
At this moment she was shrieking with laughter
Here is some more shouting and yelling at the camera this time.
Time to turn on the bubble machine..There was water EVERYWHERE!! was like a little spa for her.
I later meet up with Thelma and was treating her to a Spa Pedicure. Holly came with us too so the three of us were off. It was such a nice pedi. We have these huge full body massage chairs and a nice hot foot spa bath us going and we just chit chatted while we were getting our pedicure. I was gonna take pictures but I just wanted to relax and relieve some of the stress throughout the week. We got the deluxe one...includes scrapping callouses, smoothing foot scrub on legs and feet, Minty rejuvenation mask on legs and feet with massage, paraffin dip on feet them wrapped in warming sock, then trim, oil and was wonderful. Afterwards we went and check out a few clothing stores in the area and did some shopping. Once we got back home I asked Thelma if she wanted to have a cocktail and so we did. Gabe left to go to a punk show with his buddies and Holly came over to have one drink with us and we played with Ava and then soon I put her to bed cause she was so tired. Thelma and I and my dad just talked the night away. It was nice mellow and relaxing evening.

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