Monday, December 1, 2008

An afternoon at Downtown Disney

So yesterday we went over to Downtown Disney and did some shopping than took the kids over to the Rain Forest Cafe. I had this panama punch cocktail they serve there..OH MAN was it good.
Ava was very stimulated by everything. She especially liked this Tinker bell doll at the World of Disney store and the ROUND mickey mouse pillow stuffed animal. I don't know what it is but she just LOVES stuffed animals. Well than again she didn't care for some she just really liked the girls she didn't mind the Pinocchio doll.

She was quite popular too at downtown Disney. Everyone stopped to smile and chat with her and let her know how stylish she was.

She loves the camera already

She has this thing about grabbing her dress yesterday and putting it in her mouth

mmmmmmmmm....Panama Punchhhh

Gabe and Parker

Parker breaking the bank

Here come the stuffed animals

I think this pillow was bigger than her

She loved this Tinkerbell

Parker liked this 4ft Jack doll
Had to take a waterfall shoot

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Amy, David, and baby Cambria.. said...

Man! I wish we could have meet up!