Sunday, March 1, 2009

My home away from home..

We finally did it!! We purchased our Annual Passports from Disneyland! We been meaning to do it but it just kept getting away from our grasp..We bought the Deluxe passes...we may upgrade to premium but I want to see just how much we will use them before the upgrade.
Anyway yesterday we went to use our 2fer ticket into California Adventure..It was the best time I ever had there..

Parker messing with the letters of the Cal adventure that we have passes I am gonna create a scrapbook and every time we go there have him pose in front of a new letter every time to spell out California.

One of Many close up's throughout the day

We saw Pluto first thing

After a little walking around and getting our Fast Pass for Soaring we stopped to get a glass of wine..(Parker's favorite ride by the way was soaring..he was finally big enough to go on it this time)

Gabe was checking out the future attractions that will be added in the theme park
Close up shot

Parker in the Flea Circus

I think Gabe was having too much fun

It was off to go on the catapiller chew chew train

Close up

Everytime I see this picture it cracks me up..this is from the Bugs life 3D show

We have a little nickname for Ava we call her the Pineapple Princess which makes this shot with Stitch so perfect..she was too interested in the character than looking at the camera

Close up

We got to see Alot of Characters

Dusk falls upon California Adventure

I love these old billboards

I love this attraction

We did the quiz of which Disney Character we are most like..I was Ariel from the little mermaid, Parker was Flick from bug's life and Gabe was..well you can see below

This was the last ride we went on and man it is AWESOME!!!!!! I love goal is to get my score on the score board now that I'm a passport holder..

After the park closed we went over to Disneyland to get our passport pictures taken oh and to stop by for a quick pineapple whip from the dole shack and a ride on Pirates..we saw Mickey and Minnie inside

Last time we had passes we were there pretty much once a week....I imagine it will be at least a couple times a month..I am so glad my husband loves Disneyland just as much as me..if not more.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Cute! I was thinking of taking Cambria in sometime. Maybe we can meet up one of these days. I'd rather go during the week when It's not as Busy though. We do need to get together with the girls though!

Iris said...

Yeah, I actually have some days coming up off. I have the Friday before Easter and the Monday after Easter off.